Thai Bistro

Authentic Thai, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese Cuisine
Authentic Thai, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese Cuisine

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We alter the spice according to your taste. We do not use MSG.


Bistro Garden (T)
Assorted vegetables, stir-fried with house sauce.
  Rainbow Basil (T)
Stir-fried assorted vegetables and basil leaves with chili sauce.
  Tofu Delight (T)
Assorted vegetables and tofu, stir-fried with house sauce.
  Tofu Noodle(T)
Steamed rice noodles with assorted vegetables and fried tofu, topped with peanut sauce.
  Rainbow Ginger Mildly Hot (T)
Assorted vegetables flavored with ginger and, stir-fried with ginger sauce.
  Param Long Song (Peanut Curry)(T)
Sauteed in creamy peanut sauce and served on a bed of steamed assorted vegetables.

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